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Management Control Techniques – HACCP, Food Copy

In order to ensure a food business is at all times being run in a manner that ensures safe and suitable food is being produced, documented procedures should be in place, and staff should be trained in these procedures and record relevant information.

If procedures are documented then staff have a clear understanding of what is required, how it is to be achieved, who is responsible, and corrective actions required.

Food safety programs based on HACCP principles and designed specifically for the particular food business, can assist management in safe food production. It is important though that any food safety program developed is relevant to the individual business, is manageable, and is continually reviewed and updated, particularly where new products or processes are introduced.

Any documentation should be filled out correctly and checked by supervisors or management. Corrective action taken should also be documented.

Staff should be trained to effectively fill their role and such training should also be documented.