PP015 – Emergency First Aid for Drivers


The training account is active for 1 month from the purchase of the course.

Pastaba: Attention: when you choose self preparation for the course you get the certification only after the theory test and practical part. If you don’t succeed with theory test you get an opportunity to repass it after three days. The practical part can be passed and with the positive result you can get the certificate at the scheduled time: https://militra.lt/tvarkarastis/


Courses of first aid – AM, A1,A2,A, B1,B, BE categories for drivers.

All people who want to get AM, A1,A2,A, B1,B, BE the rights of driver must to know this course and have the diploma which shows that you’ve learned at this course.

Topics included yo the courses:

1. Adult CPR

2. Choking

3. Heart Attack & Stroke

4. Bleeding

5. Broken Bones

6. Allergic Reactions – Anaphylaxis

7. Seizures and Epilepsy